Originally created 01/18/98

Demands explanation in alcohol cases

I have just finished reading the article "Sweat gets reprieve, returns to Greenbrier!"

I wrote an Oct. 1996 letter to the editor on behalf of my daughter Angela Wright of Harlem Middle School. She had been suspended for nine weeks for possession of alcohol on school property. She was a cheerleader, had excellent grades and never had been in any trouble.

After a hearing with the tribunal of Columbia County schools, she was suspended for nine weeks! I was told that this was a fair penalty ... They would not tolerate such behavior. I was told all children would be treated the same, regardless of race, sex or family structure.

If the Columbia County School Board and tribunal treat all children the same regardless of sex or race, I want Andy Chalker of the Columbia County school system to explain to me why the boys from Greenbriar who were caught with two bottles of alcohol were given six days suspension and were allowed to return to school?

I will not accept a lame excuse like it was different circumstances or a different school.

I am the mother of three students in the Columbia County school system, I pay my taxes and I vote. I demand an explanation from the Columbia County Board of Education. ...

My daughter should have received the same fairness these boys received.

Lisa Wright,Grovetown


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