Originally created 01/18/98

Wants school construction to continue

Like everyone else, I'm tired of hearing about the "Goshen High School." Now, thanks to the Amoco chemical spill, the new issue is the safety of building on the proposed site. Please, people, you're confusing the issues.

Within a two-mile radius of Amoco Polymers there are two elementary schools, numerous day care facilities, Gracewood State Hospital, and thousands of homes, one of which is my own. No one ever seemed worried about the safety record of Amoco in recent years, why should it be a factor now in the building of the new school?

If Amoco is a health hazard, why not put the problem with Amoco? It would be a lot easier to move Amoco than to move all the homes, the businesses and the hospital, would it not?

The county has already spent millions of dollars on the new site, and I personally think it would be ridiculous to abandon construction and start somewhere else. The millions of dollars lost would inevitably be recouped through higher property taxes.

I, for one, feel my property taxes are high enough without throwing away good tax dollars.

Vicky R. Hudson,Augusta


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