Originally created 01/18/98

Blasts `concern' over Goshen site

I have tried, as most informed residents in our area have done, to ignore the negative comments on the school being built in the Goshen area, but enough is enough! The "concerned citizens" have tried every scare tactic they can dream up. None have worked! Now very conveniently, we have had a small chemical spill -- one of only four in more than 10 years. Why weren't the residents at Gracewood State School and Hospital, Covington and Old Waynesboro Road evacuated?

I have attended meetings with knowledgeable people who have explained the process of choosing a location for this school. This was not something they did by closing their eyes and picking a location for this school. I have every confidence in their expertise.

Do they (opponents of the Goshen site) think the School Board is so irresponsible that they would put our children in danger? Are the "concerned citizens" really concerned for their children? They want to locate the new school next to Ft. Gordon. Do they really feel this is a safer location? Perhaps we should enlighten them to the purpose of the military!

Emergency Management Agency head Pam Tucker was quoted as saying she "didn't realize until last week how close the high school will be to the plants. Maybe we've made some mistakes in the past ... with where we've built some things ..." She takes her job very seriously. Why are permits being issued every day for new homes and businesses in this area?

If my grandchildren, my neighbors and my family are in danger, and officials have allowed this to happen, aren't they leaving themselves open to a class action suit from the residents of this area?

Doesn't this seem to be deja-vu? ... Remember the "apple-scare."

Phyllis Holland-Badke,Augusta


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