Edison Brothers names new CEO

AFLAC pays $80,000 penalty over contributions to Espy's brother

Gray newspapers resign from GPA in dispute

Power may pass part of plant's cost on to ratepayers

Rival universities sharing offices, working together

Chrysler attorney argues huge verdict should be overturned

Business briefs

VCRs may be already obsolete

Striding, middle-aged Thurmond chosen for monument

Local and area briefs

College resolves lawsuit

SRS project waits for approval

Blood banks running low

Town wary of chance of gorillas in its midst

Student arrested on drug charges

Body to be exhumed in S.C.

Examining democracy

Augusta State requests money

Video poker killed infant, father alleges

Economic forecasts look positive

Senate censures first senator in 22 years

Governor proposes $12.5 billion budget

Video gambling bills introduced

Local legislators uncertain on best means against video gambling

Man fights extradition on charges of murder

Governor wants babies to hear classical music

Municipal building office spaces moved

Roosevelt makes the difference

Legislature approves tax cut package

Mixed training supported

Lawyer seeks cross-examination

Sweat plans to head back to Greenbrier

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Deputy sends police on wild goose chase

Local government power causes rift within Augusta delegation

Caring for children

A standing performance

Beasley skips video poker revenue

College Cagers: Baylor 90, Texas Tech78

Wildcats get back at USC

Additional area news

College cagers: Bluefield College victorious

Chem-Nuclear delays proposal

Tearing down the walls

Town council member quits near election

Overtime: NCAA shifts approval to high schools

Tale of two busts 011598 - The Augusta Chronicle

A blow for decency 011498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Cloning horror 011498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Denies Postal Service gets tax money 011498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Stocking records 011498 - The Augusta Chronicle

YWCA's petty move 011498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Regrets store closings in S. Augusta 011598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants potholes filled, not name changes 011598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts critic of Asian `Indian givers' 011598 - The Augusta Chronicle

The `Clinton excuse' 011598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Defends Thurmond's use of Eisenhower 011498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Cleland disappoints 011598 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants parkway named for taxpayers 011498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Barkley enters not guilty plea for throwing bar patron

Malone, Marbury move up in Western Conference vote

Lady Jags top UNC Penbroke

Hawks soar over Knicks

Russians win European pairs

Compassion vs.common sense in Martin case

Light bulb bill prompts concern for taxpayers down the road

Harpring restoring luster to tarnished Tech program

Samaranch: Drugs stain China's Olympic hopes

Faggins rescues Pacers

Golf Capital headed for Midland

Slaney, Jacobs return to Millrose Games -- under different circumstances

Hawks extend streak to five

Clemson whips ACC foe

Golfer rides toward showdown with PGA Tour

Teams taking Taurus switch by horns

Miller, Shanks lead way among honorees

Victory eludes Jags again

USC-Aiken women fall to Spartanburg 71-64

Jaguars need a break from mean schedule

Embree agrees to deal for $1.475 million

Spartanburg escapes Augusta State with win

Health calendar

Remember me?

FDA approves Excedrin for migraines

'Shockumentary' growth counter to overall drop in TV violence

Common digestive problems might have emotional roots known

Capsules: News and notes about your health

More fast food notes

Fast food attack

Computerized implant gives epileptics hope

The supermarket shopper: Double plays are key to big grocery savings

Remembering the King

Microsoft aims at avoiding contempt charges

AIDS service agency reverses privacy stance in HIV tracking

Sun Microsystems introduces new workstations

Seed: Pioneer of cloning, or `Dr. Kevorkian'?

Researchers keep cells young with gene transfer

Japanese trade commission probes Microsoft

Clinton urges tough stance against drugs in prison

New flu strain circulating in United States

FTC to allow Intel to buy chip maker

U.N. health agency: Eat veggies, not pills, to beat lung cancer

Year 2000 problems catching attention of small towns

Microsoft presents defense

US won't intervene in nuclear waste shipment through Panama Canal

Study shows passive smoking can hasten hardening of the arteries

Richard Seed: Pioneer of cloning?

Mir's American astronaut takes first spacewalk

Apple posts quarterly profit of $47 million