Originally created 01/09/98

Redneck Greece sang until he got the twang

Don't expect Redneck Greece, a.k.a. Greg Reece, to play any top 40 country tunes Saturday night at the Soul Bar.

"That's not country. It's '70s rock," said Mr. Reece, in a telephone conversation from his home in Athens, Ga. "I expect the lead singer from Journey to come out with an album cut in Nashville any day now."

Instead of the latest hits by radio-friendly crooners like Alan Jackson and LeAnn Rimes, Mr. Reece and his backup band, the Stump Broke Steers and the lone Steerette (Alice Berry), will crank out "swinging hillbilly honkytonk."

Along with traditional country, in the vein of Hank Williams and Patsy Cline, the band specializes in "whacked-out country" songs with titles like Snotty Nosed Kids in a Trailer Park and Your Momma Was a Dancer at the Clairmont Lounge -- both penned by Mr. Reece.

Mr. Reece, who holds down a day job delivering bottled spring water, said he likes to write about buying lottery tickets and blowing all your money -- a theme he can identify with. "Oh yeah, I've blown all my money before," he admitted.

A veteran of the Georgia music scene who has played in Augusta several times over the years, Mr. Reece's touring act was once known as Redneck Greece Deluxe. He disbanded that outfit because it was headed more in the straight rock 'n' roll direction. "The sound was going away from the original purpose, so I divorced 'em," he said.

After playing with a revolving cast of 40 to 50 musicians, he has now assembled a somewhat regular lineup, including drummer Patrick "Tigger" Ferguson of the Athens band Five Eight.

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