Originally created 01/08/98

Hits threatened EPA controls on Ga.

If there ever was a reason for the people of Georgia to wake up and quit voting for Democrats, the Dec. 24 guest column (by Atlanta Regional Commission Chairman Randy Poynter) on the Environmental Protection Agency mandate is one.

The idea of states' rights as given by our founding fathers is dead. I am completely disgusted with legislation by fiat. If ever there was a reason for another "Boston Tea Party," we now have it.

The idea that some petty bureaucrat can threaten to hamstring an entire state looks like something out of early Communist Russia. In the times of the czars and the Soviets one expected such stupidity.

We fought wars to stop this kind of garbage, but have now elected the very ones ideologically the same as our former enemies. I hope that we can get the attention of our senators and representatives in order to bring this stupidity to a halt.

R. R. Robinson, Augusta


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