Originally created 01/08/98

Blasts Eisenhower policies, cutbacks

Angry? You bet, and other retirees should be too!

My husband spent 24 years in the military and that included the Korean and Vietnam wars. I have heard him say he found his home in the Army. Well, guess who the red-haired stepchild is now? We know it isn't the politicians.

In January of 1996 my husband suffered a seizure that rendered him semi-conscious, and he was taken by ambulance to Eisenhower Medical Center. He lay in the emergency room on a gurney all night before being admitted. He stayed several days for treatment.

When they decided to release him I told them ... he wasn't himself and I didn't think he was ready to be released. But he was released and, against my better judgment, I drove him home. ...

Three hours later, having had seizures about every 20 minutes, he went back in an ambulance to Eisenhower.

Fortunately, a female doctor in the emergency room prescribed a better medication, and he was admitted to the intensive care unit where that medication was regulated. He then received excellent care from that unit.

But many services are unavailable to us at Eisenhower. The latest denial was dermatology for my husband and a mammogram for me, but a politician recently stayed "to rest." Hardly seems equitable, does it?

Ginny Sherwood



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