Originally created 01/06/98

Suspects taxpayers duped by politicians

A few days ago a reporter quoted one of our elected officials, who was bragging on how the great consolidated government had done what it had done without tax increases.

If that is true, I wish some of them would explain to me why our 1997 tax bill was 28 percent higher than the 1996 one was. When I was in school that was an increase. What they are doing is not raising the millage rate but increasing the assessment value. However, that still is an increase.

Why do taxpayers, the majority of whom will never or hardly ever utilize them, have to underwrite all that stuff at Riverwalk, the coliseum, etc? How much tax money will go into the ice floor because the coliseum wants its hockey?

I wonder when taxpayers are going to wake up and quit believing all this propaganda being spread by politicians. Seems politicians feel that the taxpayers' job is to pay, pay and pay taxes and that their own job is to spend, spend and spend. If my memory serves me right, increasing taxation was one main reason for the fall of the Roman Empire. ...

Don Matthews, Augusta

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