Turmoil in Asia a threat

Despite volatility, stocks did well in '97

Russia says new rubles won't increase money supply, inflation

Changeover of Hardee's to Carl's Jr. delayed

Regulator: Higher court will overturn pro-Baby Bell decision

EEOC claims TJX outlet discriminates against older workers

Judge: Baby Bells can't jump into long-distance yet

Italy's small grocers headed into history

Laments loss of serenity to construction

Commission antics

Says irradiation only additional tool

Offers more about Augustan who was on the Titanic

The virtueof keeping profile low

Sees `Car 1' patrolling Streets of Gold

Blames GOP for broken promises

Finds evidence of promise to military

Blasts series on `Public's Payroll'

The Shiloh fiasco

Sweetheart Cup Co. to get new manager

Comedian takes on relationships

Video showcase

Band expresses its Grateful Dead likeness

Second time charm for youth ministry

Even in jail, stars get special treatment

Residents fear mill's closure

Applause calendar

Girl first local baby of 1998

Writers to be on TV show

Senator to leave hospital

No fatalities occur in area for holiday

Year in music held surprises

Selling it all

Movie reviews

Local and area briefs

Georgia Lottery drawing held

Academy to be sold Monday

Two arrested in death of policeman

Winter holidays get hot

Panel OKs proposed parole ban

Two other states seeking man charged with killing trooper

Local and area briefs

Church bulletin

Symphony showcases pianist

Stepping up

Convention spins into Augusta

Revival to benefit minister

Concert watch

Murder hearing delayed

Moving on

Welfare numbers lower with reforms

Legislators: New roads on agenda

What we believe

Maiden launch

Home sweet home

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Paine starts year with tough test

Tree drop-off sites changing

Stabbing suspect is caught

Ruling on motions needed

Foreclosure canceled on building

Club calendar

Country music's highs and lows of '97

Monument will honor Longstreet

Let it rip

Conduct handbook causes stir among prisoners

`Jackie Brown' proves director is for real

Petty, Nash, Battelle, Wilson win Olympic trials

King, Wadsworth win $10,000 races

Tennis great Helen Wills Moody dies at 92

Agreement reached on sale of Buffalo Sabres

Cuban pitcher may stay in Bahamas

Panthers look like a team on the road with home win

PGA Tour playing swan song

Faith brings couple to Christian broadcasting

Church bulletin

Bolstering faith is a good start

St. Paul's Epiphany pageant honors a Christian tradition

Summit to close with talk by King

Freeze! Scientists study the genetics of fear

Painkiller based onfrog poison

Moderate wine drinking might lower risk of blinding disease

E-mail taking toll on communication

Group threatens to post AOL members

Resolution can better life online

Raleigh teen successful Internet entrepeneur

Mir's computer breaks down, reducing space station's power supply

NASA plans return to the moon

German dentist wins right to advertise on Internet

Remote DeskLink lets you work at the office -- from home

Microsoft to introduce Macintosh Office '98