Changeover of Hardee's to Carl's Jr. delayed

Regulator: Higher court will overturn pro-Baby Bell decision

Despite volatility, stocks did well in '97

Turmoil in Asia a threat

Italy's small grocers headed into history

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Happy New Year!

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The Shiloh fiasco

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Even in jail, stars get special treatment

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Video showcase

Year was full of interesting quotes

New Year's Eve gala held at the Radisson

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Investigators still looking into crash

Let it rip

Voter ID requirement among new laws taking effect Thursday

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Deadly force necessary, police say

Foreclosure canceled on building

Georgia's population growing

Concert watch

Additional area news

Two arrested in death of policeman

Convention spins into Augusta

Maiden launch

Symphony showcases pianist

Residents fear mill's closure

Voting law to be enforced

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Deputy flips in car in Aiken

Local and area briefs

Clinton puts chief of staff, resolutions on hold

Girl first local baby of 1998

Thurmond remains in hospital

Panel OKs proposed parole ban

Jackson quadruplets go home

Tree drop-off sites changing

Expanded abuse registry, mesne conveyance name change starts with new year

Monument will honor Longstreet

Hunting accident investigated

Year in music held surprises

Clear Springs to take cue from Disney community

Applause calendar

Club calendar

Lops stay upheld

`Jackie Brown' proves director is for real

Petty, Nash, Battelle, Wilson win Olympic trials

Jordan, Karl, Duncan honored by NBA

Cuban pitcher may stay in Bahamas

Hendrick receives 3 years' probation

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Mind over matter

Federal judge upholds disqualification of Carey

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Hardee's owners delay changes

Resolution can better life online

Study: Age explains why women more likely to die after heart attacks

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African outbreak less mysterious -- experts know what it's not

Raleigh teen successful Internet entrepeneur

Buddhists pray for chickens' souls

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FDA approves new breast cancer test

Study says middle-aged spread can be a killer

Painkiller based onfrog poison

Moderate wine drinking might lower risk of blinding disease

Microsoft to introduce Macintosh Office '98