Denies South seceded over slavery

Asks commissioner some questions

Gracewood travesty

The Christmas story

Blasts capitalist critic over homeless

`Yes, Virginia ...'

A war against charity

Says teacher threw away Jesus cards

Thanks paper for fertility report coverage

Wants to honor `courageous ancestors'

Rips Lawrence burial; hits VA pick

Says 'happy birthday' to Jesus

Feast of Lights festivities

Travelers need to be cautious

NAACP calls for investigation

Bath Mill meets wrecking ball

Church to get historic marker

Prosecutors seeking death penalty

SLED agents raid video gambling king's Greenville warehouses

Georgia lottery drawings held

Georgia lottery drawings held

Many need remedial help

Man charged with felony DUI to be home for Christmas

Shoppers eye pets at holidays

Charleston's largest nonprofit hospitals get merger approval

Additional area news

Remembering a great Christmas

Couple charged with reckless homicide

Pawn shops stay busy

Bubba the Talking Bear big seller

Every room is a happy season

Card issue becoming complex

Godfather of Soul sponsors toy giveaway

First-graders exceed state's test standard

Trinity on the Hill presented live nativity scene

Man meets up with schoolmates

Judge issues emergency stay

Dental records being used in probe

Family making deer noses glow

Some children will wait as long as it takes to see Santa

Aiken firefighters work to put out mattress fire

Bird counters count away

Mothers want good holiday for children

Mom says blacks 'pick on' son

Confederate flag supporter charged with shooting black teen-ager

Tragedy promotes positive action

Holiday closings

Donors pulled together successfully

Teen-age girl like Santa Claus

Additional area news

Fortune shines upon Bulldogs against Jackets

Athletes help with charities

Hoops scoop: Butler runs away from ARC in Tennessee tournament

Henderson could return to A's for 4th time

Harrison's big game lifts Dogs

USC wins as McKie takes command

Cleveland interested in ex-Giant

Silver Charm looks golden for return

The changing face of U.S. soccer in Europe

Overtime: Girls' teams set to begin play in holiday tourney

Tiny Coppin State strives for spot among nation's elite

Holiday gifts for the game of golf

Holiday punch: Shaq hurts wrist on heavy bag

Boxing commissioner cleared in Foreman bout

Golfer allowed to ride cart

Puerto Rico team scores huge upset

Charlotte area residents haven't caught baseball fever

Gamecocks feel Watson loss

Women prove their mettle in the ring

Court decides boxers don't qualify for workers' compensation

Dabbling with holiday side dishes is tempting

Quick bites: News and notes from the world of food

Christmas story: 'Alex and the Night Visitor'

The Elf Who Lived Next Door

Making a list

Christmas short story winners

Radio play puts twist on `A Wonderful Life'

Economic indicators up, but may point to trouble ahead

Holton Marine opens store in Regency Mall

Employees of big companies make own little charitable gestures

South Korea's market dives as president-elect frets over paying bills

Applebee's to be sold

World Bank plans $3 billion loan to stave off Korea creditors

Dealers propose new trading system for Nasdaq stocks

Additional business news

FCC rejects BellSouth's long-distance bid for South Carolina

Personal income up, but Americans didn't go on holiday shopping spree

EU set to ban U.S. ice cream, other dairy exports

Additional business news

Watch out for rental crunch

FDA approves inhaled antibiotic to fight cystic fibrosis infection

Seattle's monorail plan is leaving the station

Spooked by bird flu

Microsoft says it complies with court order

Your computer can be a loving home for cute Petz

Justice, Microsoft wage technological tug of war