`Yes, Virginia ...'

Offers clarification on salary article

Local teen-age hero

Blasts capitalist critic over homeless

Says teacher threw away Jesus cards

Wants to honor `courageous ancestors'

S.C. welfare down

Ax homosexual pick

Defends salary of `great doctor'

A war against charity

Suggests name for new hockey team

Rips Lawrence burial; hits VA pick

Wants Ga. declared `Christian state'

Johnston man charged with murder

Couple charged with reckless homicide

Victims were out on bond

Illness darkens holidays

Bubba the Talking Bear big seller

Christmas in the South: A legacy of stories, tales and traditions

City manager to stay in Aiken

Additional area news

Georgia lottery drawings held

Judge dismissing ethics lawsuit

Mothers want good holiday for children

Fine recommended against nursing home

Cheaper gas, long weekend to flood roads

Whistleblower protection announced

Man creates UFO Welcome Center

Man meets up with schoolmates

Georgia lottery drawings held

Pawn shops stay busy

Illness darkens holidays

Many need remedial help

Shoppers eye pets at holidays

Additional area news

Remembering a great Christmas

Aiken firefighters work to put out mattress fire

Feast of Lights festivities

Christmas services scheduled

Girls may be home by Christmas

SLED agents raid video gambling king's Greenville warehouses

Paramedics must become involved after a rainy-day wreck

Holiday closings

Holiday decorations sometimes take on a peculiar, creative nature

Confederate flag supporter charged with shooting black teen-ager

Student denied religious freedom, he says

Godfather of Soul sponsors toy giveaway

Signs vandalized in Rudolph style

Dental records being used in probe

Coverdell asks opponent to quit

First-graders exceed state's test standard

Charleston's largest nonprofit hospitals get merger approval

Bath Mill meets wrecking ball

Prosecutors seeking death penalty

Woman has nativity scenes from around the world

Fortune shines upon Bulldogs against Jackets

Silver Charm looks golden for return

Henderson could return to A's for 4th time

Tigermania boosts interest in clubs for young golfers

Holiday punch: Shaq hurts wrist on heavy bag

Kwan not 100 percent, but won't miss nationals

Golfer allowed to ride cart

Thoroughbreds falter

Boxing commissioner cleared in Foreman bout

Holiday gifts for the game of golf

USC wins as McKie takes command

Overtime: Girls' teams set to begin play in holiday tourney

Clemson tramples Charleston Southern

Harrison's big game lifts Dogs

Overtime: Area boxer wins the gold in Greece

Holyfield-Lewis bout takes big step forward

Hoops scoop: Butler runs away from ARC in Tennessee tournament

Opponents remain close friends

Hawks lose third straight

Phillips, Berroa and Hamelin become free agents

UNC unanimous top choice

Health notes: Golfers get break

On the job: Personal shoppers

Quick bites: News and notes from the world of food

Music business on a sound track for holiday sales

Christmas workers

Age old question: The poinsettia story

Radio play puts twist on `A Wonderful Life'

Christmas in the South: A legacy of stories, tales and traditions

On the job: Personal shoppers

Making a list

Dabbling with holiday side dishes is tempting

Senior calendar

Poll: Most teens plan to continue school

Xtreme advice: 'I'm so sarcastic'

Net chat: Jane Pratt

Xtreme screen

Holiday blues

Xtreme style: Jennifer Annis enjoys a relaxed, loose-fitting look

Holton Marine opens store in Regency Mall

Additional business news

South Korea's market dives as president-elect frets over paying bills

World Bank plans $3 billion loan to stave off Korea creditors

Video bank gets trial run

Economic indicators up, but may point to trouble ahead

Additional business news

Dealers propose new trading system for Nasdaq stocks

Product would be sweeter

Employees of big companies make own little charitable gestures

Applebee's to be sold

Star business professor falls amid vandalism allegations

Baldness pill approved

Microsoft says it complies with court order

Russian film director drums up support for making movie in space

FDA approves inhaled antibiotic to fight cystic fibrosis infection

Immense balloon proposed to lift astronomy instruments to edge of space

Dig may link to Jesus' life

Your computer can be a loving home for cute Petz

Internet subsidies