Probe may result in charges

Slams the homeless as irresponsible

One form of holiday greeting 122197 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits Aiken SPCA for tough rules

Kicks latest wide-leg pants fashion

Bass-loving Lau teams with fly angler on TV

A new Chamber era

Raps USC gift from `Indian givers'

Hunters mark success both near and far

Praises public employees for sacrifices

Attacks `inefficient' states' rights idea

Claims Bush Field not named for `hero'

Blasts `burned out' teacher for quitting

Graham in select company

Warns parents to keep eyes on children

Seeks end of `tyranny' by the court

New chamber president happy to return to area

George Weiss

Local and area briefs

Study abuses alleged


Georgia Lottery drawings held

Walker, Avery lead ARC to win

Holidays can be lonely without families around

Overtime: Former champ gets upset win

Researcher defends snakes

Miller's wife urged governor's re-election

Holiday harmonies

South Aiken suffers first loss of season

Auditor: $92,000gone from tax office

Judge to take lawsuit

Teen-ager accused of girl's slaying

Father in custody tiff denies trying to hide

Creech's hospitality results in shot at international play

SRS budget keeps jobs awhile

Secret Santa leaves legacy of philanthropy

A new bike

Teacher kisses pig for cash

Harvest smaller this year

Georgia Field Trials slated to begin at Di-Lane Jan. 2

Team Finland takes five of six from Augusta

Pick the top local stories of 1997

Oregon may hire manager

Ex-parte bonds go unused

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Lawmakers debate FOI laws

Teacher faces drug charge

Local and area briefs

Judge: Public can't access vacation records

Property owners enticed

Mother's death clouds teen mom's holiday

Christmastime chrunch

Drug sting nabs man acquitted in killing

North Pole bound

Miller still enjoys being governor

Pick the top local stories of 1997

1-900 calls charged to fire department phone

Overtime: Lipinski wins tournament in in Germany

Georgia State political poll draws suspicion 122197 - The Augusta Chronicle

No. 20 Dogs fall to W. Virginia

Cobb County jury awards no damages in case against Cardinals player

Bryant probably won't be Jordan's `Air Apparent'

Biggest man on NCAA court getting smaller

Campbell, Lakers end Hawks' spree

Flame relay begins after bad weather prevents full ceremony

Austin Peay whips Georgia Southern

No. 1 Tar Heels sneak past Seminoles

McNeeley to dedicate next fight to Farley

Glover man of moment

Clemson survives Seton Hall scare

High school downsizes boys athletic program

Tidings of joy

Comedian's Augusta show debuts on HBO tonight

Couple find holidays express their life together

Courtesies necessary for season

Church bulletin

The other Yucatan

Christianity gathers its strength from truth

Nothing alien found in animal deaths

Keilor spins more adventures from Wobegun

Many keep holiday simple

Classic revives more than `A Christmas Memory'

Stocks fall but recover much of loss

Often, best Christmas gift is restraint

Time left to save on taxes

Business calendar: AMBASA sponsors Kwanzaa Affair '97

Mutual funds may fit into gift packages

Thanks critical to lobby

Cannondale re-creates wheelchairs

Watch out for potential buyers' fees

Business-related suicides on rise

Charities aggressively seek money

Business briefs: CSRA Diversity Conference accepting workshop proposals

Business people on the move

Computers 102: It's time for a test

Wristwatch phone debuts at Olympics

Scientists order eye protection

Judge: Taking browser off Windows 95 is easy

Car computers help drivers find their way

EPA finds little risk of mercury poisoning from eating fish

Northeast states, EPA reach agreement on smog from Midwest

FDA urges caution with laser pointers