Originally created 12/20/97

Blasts `burned out' teacher for quitting

I proudly emphasize that I am one of the many motivated students at T.W. Josey High School. I would also like to add that the staff is great.

Donna Arauz recently wrote a guest column (Nov. 27) stating why she "burned out" as a public school teacher. The problem is she was not prepared. If teaching was so much of a dream, how could she give up so easily? As our theme goes at Josey: "Learn to adapt and accept the challenges. ..."

Is it that easy to give up your so-called dream? As former Miss Augusta, she sets no example for students with such an attitude. Because all schools and students are not the same, we must not distinguish A.R. Johnson from Josey or Northeast High.

Did she think every school would be like the school she came from? If so, that was her downfall.

During the short time I had Ms. Arauz as a teacher, before she left on sick leave, I commended her for being a great teacher. Because of her, I honestly believe, I did well on my state writing test. Now I'm wondering if her sick leave was due to us.

When State School Superintendent Linda Schrenko proposed plans to improve education, it was misunderstood on Ms. Arauz's part to think that these plans would work instantly. Taking part in the struggle leads to the road of victory. Choosing a profession during college, not planning to be a teacher, was a rather awkward decision. Being that the profession was so unexpected, before practicing her theories, she should have done research. Did she actually think she could relate to the public school students with no experience whatsoever? Is there a difference between a magnet school population and a regular public school population? Maybe she did bite off more than she could chew. ...

Santrice Hawthorne, Augusta


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