Originally created 12/20/97

Thanks critical to lobby

Terrie D. English urges fund-raisers to look at annual giving campaigns much as her granddaughter Savannah looks at her "campaign" work.

"She rates about 99 percent on all her asks," the director of developmentannual giving for the Medical College of Georgia said Friday. "And one of the reasons is she never shies away from asking, and she doesn't hesitate.

"She has studied her market, let me assure you, and she knows exactly who to approach before she makes that ask. She doesn't apologize for asking. And she'll go back time and time again to these same benefactors because she knows that they share her interest. But just as important as her ask, she always says thank you, to increase her chance for success in the future."

Mrs. English said 3-year-old Savannah's target market is her "peepaw" and Mrs. English.

Mrs. English spoke at the monthly meeting of the Greater Augusta chapter of the National Society of Fund Raising Executives at the Town Tavern restaurant in Augusta.

She told fund-raisers that they should have distinctive plans for their annual giving campaigns, and that their campaigns must be active year-round.

"Annual giving programs are an organization's life line to the community" because they provide operating funds for organizations that provide services to the community, Mrs. English said.

"To help provide important services year after year, your donors have to give year after year," she said.


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