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Coroner's office wants to identify man

AIKEN -- The Aiken County Coroner's Office is hoping to identify a man who did everything he could to hide his identify before hanging himself last month in a local motel.

A new composite sketch shows different details around the man's eyes. Authorities released an earlier sketch in November, but didn't get the response the coroner's office hoped for.

Re-examination of personal items turned up new information suggesting the man may be from upstate New York or Canada, Deputy Coroner Stacey Coleman said.

"We went back through his property a third time. The deodorant seemed generic but it is Canadian," Mr. Coleman said. "There were clothes labels written in English and French."

The man was found hanging in a motel room after checking in Nov. 10. He had been released from a state mental institution after attempting to kill himself by slitting his wrists Oct. 28.

At that time he had checked into another motel next door and used the name Jeffrey Daniel.

The man also identified himself to police, physicians and a psychologist as Mr. Daniel. However, he identified himself on other occasions as Scott Black, Mr. Coleman said.

Among his personal items was a Watertown (N.Y.) Cyclones gym bag. Inside was a Canadian-made deodorant labeled Valiant classic.

telling him to commit suicide by slashing his wrist, suffocating and hanging.

During his first suicide attempt, he built a cellophane tent, got inside and cut his wrists. Medical reports state he was well-spoken, articulate and probably college-educated.}

Authorities described him as a white male about age 35 to 40, 6 feet tall, weighing 165 to 180 pounds with brown hair and eyes. He gave a phony Social Security number and a birth date of Aug. 2, 1963.

He has jagged scars on his right cheek and above his left eye, both about two inches long. There is also a cyst-like growth on his left hip.

Mr. Coleman said the man was clean-shaven and appeared to be an orderly person. When found, his clothes were neatly put away. His Close-Up toothpaste, nail clippers and Q-tips were lined in a row on the vanity.

The deceased was also fond of Super Nintendo games similar to Dungeons & Dragons. He kept notes and diagrammed the games, Mr. Coleman said.

He used three New York addresses: 2337 E. 22nd St., 23 E. 22nd St. and 12487 E. Second St. A gold ring was on his right ring finger.

Anyone with information about the man's identify is asked to call the coroner's office at (803) 642-1740 or the Aiken Department of Public Safety at (803) 642-7620.


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