Originally created 12/19/97

Cites university that prohibits drinking

On Nov. 13 there was a special report on the evening news about several state universities and the problems they were having with students who drank excessively. I would like to pay tribute to one university which has not had this type of problem in its 70 years of existence -- Bob Jones University, in Greenville, S.C.

Just a month ago the chancellor and chairman of the board of the school, Dr. Bob Jones Jr., went to be with the Lord at age 86. In all of his years at the school, students have never been allowed to drink, do drugs or engage in any activities which would bring on an unwanted pregnancy in a student's life. Instead, it has been instilled in the students' lives that "whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

The school has an enrollment of approximately 6,500 students. You would expect some problems to exist concerning drinking with that number of young people. It does not! The reason being they teach young people "how to live," not just "how to make a living!"

The leadership of Bob Jones University believes it is no great crime to teach young people the dangers of allowing these things in their lives, according to the warnings of the Bible. They love the students, and therefore, lovingly teach them God's a little bit wiser than we are and lovingly warns us in the Bible the price we will pay should we "live and let live" as Satan urges young people to do today.

I assume the faculty and staff at Illinois University (the university cited) could care less about their students since they allow this type of activity to the point that 75 percent of their students drink heavily and one third of their students have unprotected sexual relations as a result of drinking as stated in the article. ...

Charlotte Little, Martinez


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