Originally created 12/19/97

Explains war of Southern independence

Re the Dec. 13 letter by Ware H. Smith Sr.:

I did not attend the North Augusta Christmas Parade, however some of my compatriots from Waynesboro were marching in it. We are the sons of Confederate veterans who fought, died, and suffered in the war of Southern independence for that flag that he calls "despicable." I highly suggest that he study the "true history" of that period in our struggle of this nation.

Our ancestors fought for what they believed was right -- the right to be self-governed as a state and not to be "federalized" to have someone else tell them how they should run their affairs. They fought for their country just as Mr. Smith did in World War II for what he believed to be right. We do not for one second believe that flag represents an inhumane heritage. It's a heritage of pride, honor sacrifice and dedication.

Our children should be taught the real history of the war for Southern independence. The message should be that our young people need to stand tall and be proud of their Southern forefathers for the sacrifices that they gave. I find it humiliating that a veteran of this country does not know his true history well enough to even embrace the thought that the war for Southern independence was one of oppression and enslavement of human beings. ...

The spoils to the victor have made this issue one of misunderstanding and unnecessary grief to those who know what the true meaning of heritage means.

Edward P. Eaves, Waynesboro

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