Originally created 12/19/97

Seeks changes in child support laws

Current laws dealing with child support are antiquated and biased unfairly in favor of the receiving party.

While it is expected and proper for the paying parent to provide partial financial support for the needs of his or her children, this parent is severely penalized by the current system of government. The recipient is not regulated in any way, while the paying party is strictly regimented.

As we near a new millennium, Georgia has an opportunity to set precedent and lead the rest of the nation in reform. How much better for the children of Georgia, our future!

Georgia and the "New South" have an opportunity to show the nation that we are concerned with the welfare of all our citizens regardless of gender, age or race. Put the words of every equal opportunity statement into action and make them reality with regard to divorced parents and children.

D. Scott Clifton, Harlem

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