Originally created 12/18/97

Some choices difficult

Sometimes the most difficult choices to make in life are the ones that turn out to be the best for you.

One Augusta woman made the decision two years ago to raise her daughter alone because she wanted out of an abusive relationship. It has been hard to raise her child on her own, but she knows she made the best choice.

Since being on her own, her monthly expenses have exceeded her meager income. She has thought about taking another part-time job, but she would have to pay for more child care.

"I would rather be at home with my daughter," she wrote in a letter.

She has asked for assistance, but was told she made too much money to receive help.

This independent mother, who says she prefers paying for things by herself, won't be able to afford a nice meal or any toys for her 4-year-old to unwrap on Christmas Day.

The girl's father won't send any money to help take care of her so the mother struggles to manage with what she has.

"I try to explain to her what is really important is health and happiness, but it is hard to a little girl to understand," the mother wrote.

The Augusta Chronicle's Empty Stocking Fund can add some joy to this family's holiday. The fund has collected hundreds of thousands of dollars and helped numerous families since its start in 1930. The money provides gift certificates for food, clothes and other necessities.

Contributors may send donations to The Empty Stocking Fund, P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903-1928, or drop it off on the third floor of the News Building, 725 Broad St.



-- Merry Christmas from Josie & Poppa Wood $20.00

-- In Loving Memory of Mrs. Christa Stevenson - from Her Family 10.00

-- Mr. Winston Crosby 25.00

-- Anonymous 100.00

-- In Memory of Susie Mae Raborn and George Ray Franklin 25.00

-- Judith L. Salzer 100.00

-- Catherine Barton Clarke 50.00

-- James L. & Jonnie W. Wilkins 25.00

-- God Bless You - He is "I Am"! - Anonymous 25.00

-- From: Natalie Hudson 20.00

-- Grandchildren - Dan, Jonathan, LeAnn 15.00

-- In memory of my husband 25.00

-- Carl W. Fabian Jr. 10.00

-- June & Craig Temples 300.00

-- Sabina Widner & Aubrey Moore 50.00

-- In memory of Leila McLendon 20.00

-- Leah Services Inc. 25.00

-- In Loving Memory of Mr. Raymond E. Burbine, my father who I will always love the rest of my life. Your son, Roland. Died July 30, 1990. 10.00

-- Roy B. & Geraldine B. Atkins 30.00

-- From Bobbie & Buddy Nurnberger 50.00

-- No Name Please 55.00

-- In loving memory of our loved ones - Dr. George & Mary Freedman 50.00

-- In loving memory of Mr. & Mrs. Pierre S. Ramp, daughter Annette Ramp Holley 25.00

-- From Ben & Frances Yarbrough 50.00

-- Daniel L. & Patricia L. Ferguson 100.00

-- For: Missy, C.B., Pepper & Callie 50.00

-- Mitzi 20.00

-- Anonymous 25.00

-- No Name, Please 25.00

-- Delois J. Mitchell 38.00

-- In Memory of: Mrs. Cecil W. Dempsey 25.00

-- In memory of granddaughter, Lee Shields, Granny and Pa Shields 10.00

-- In memory of John Barnes missed in the Chronicle and George Fisher, a loss to radio and our community. Col. and Mrs. H.E. Shields 10.00

-- Raymond E. & Gisela M. Dufresne 25.00

In loving memory of Alan J. Coleman 100.00

-- "In Memory of Two Boys Named Joey" 25.00

-- In memory of Annabelle and Ruth 50.00

-- The DeVoes 25.00

-- Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Bower Jr. 15.00

Total Today $1,658.00

GRAND TOTAL $39,598.95


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