Originally created 12/18/97

Opposes IMF global bailout `scheme'

Sorry, I can't agree with Roger Altman's Dec. 10 guest column. While he openly admits the supranational autonomy of the International Monetary Fund, the stunning quickness of its market-forces fix, and the devastating austerity programs inflicted on national economies along with government destabilization, he asks for more funding! This is blatant protectionism, or worse.

When something is broken you fix it. Don't throw more money at an immoral, illegal (world government) cancer on the Earth. Stealing our taxes for bailouts to save the elite minority is like condoning organized crime on the hapless citizens of all free nations.

I thought President Clinton was an independent thinker. Both he and Al Gore have betrayed my support by their leadership in "fast track," the global warming con, and now, the global bailout scam.

No wonder our vets are being sacrificed, our taxes going up, our factories closed! Where are Newt Gingrich's conservative revolutionaries when they're needed? Helping Clinton get his way, actually.

Pat Buchanan is right; dump all "globalists" in '98.

Robert Periano, Augusta


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