Originally created 12/18/97

Recommends study of Southern history

Re Ware H. Smith's Dec. 13 letter: It is humorous to me how people seem to know so little about the South's past but claim to be authorities on the subject.

I had a great grandfather and several great uncles who fought and died for their beliefs on the lonesome battlefields of the South. We never believed in slavery or the idea of slavery. Our family, as well as thousands of other Southern families, fought for the concept of freedom.

In our country's history, our ancestors have always fought for freedom. The Civil War had a lot of issues that people from all different walks of life believed it was about. For most people during the period of 1861-1865 in the South, it was over the ideas of today -- to live in peace and to be free.

You cannot remove any part of our past and expect us to be whole. Mr. Smith would need to sit down and read and study about the old South, as I have, to understand their reasoning. Let us leave the judgments to God.

R.H. Hawkins, Hephzibah

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