Suggests cartoons on high school site

Praises programs at Josey High School

Teachers need a boost

Historic ground-breakings

Blast pro sports figures for behavior

Says flag marred N. Augusta parade

Hails administrator for a `fine job'

Supports rehiring of Jason Beard

S.C rehab plan unique

Can't disconnect unwanted airbags

Abernathy's new disgrace

Blood banks expect dropoff

Worker's comp at SRS low

Special education teaching assistant arrested

Ticket to success

Holiday cheer

SRS pollution could increase slightly

Clapping along to music during puppet show

Some teen-agers prefer hunting

Church restoration supported

Allison Jones always busy

Festival to educate public about Kwanzaa meaning

Authorities look for murder suspect

Condon backs off threats of arresting video poker operators

Town debates proposed annexation

Secret Service probing counterfeit case

Few Medicaid patients move to HMO's

SRS pollution could increase slightly

Open house

Christmas should be happy time

Rowers gauge rank in races

Parades to kick off after noon

Budget struggle goes on

Bill to regulate bounty hunters

Surgery costs means mom can't buy Christmas presents

Scores arouse protest

Georgia Lottery drawings held

Local and area briefs

Custody battle on hold

Needed funding looks optimistic

Efforts for memorial move slowly

Children want it all under the tree

Michigan comes back to upset No. 1 Duke

Wildcats defeat Tech 85-71

Thoroughbreds stomp Evans


Weather wipes out World Cup racing again

No-notice drug tests to be added for USOC training programs

AMA-TOUR tournament plans to move in different directions

Coach learns price of success

Newcomers will mean changes

Duke, North Carolina face final exams, weekend tests

Butler has championship aspirations again

Overtime: Bowden rewarded

Clemson women open ACC play with win

No. 4 Kentucky back home to take on Georgia Tech

Peach Jam stars making their marks

Big brother took game over

Illinois foul shots top No. 17 Clemson

Orioles sign slugger Joe Carter

Basketball star slowed by injury

The hoop scoop: Friday's prep basketball scores

Twins exec says N.C. 'very, very viable' market for baseball

Martinez's contract may not be the richest ever

Without love we truly are nothing

Church Bulletin

Fellowship is recruiting for Christ

Young actress brightens potentially drab character

Toy dreams

Ship went down but won't stay down

Churches join to provide shelter from the storm

Author recalls tales of Nanking in book


Sculptor thinks big, like trees she uses

West Side Story!


More consumers leave home with platinum

Store making major move

Producer prices drop for eighth time this year

Survey: Winter travel heats up as more Americans take vacations

Radio team dishes out financial advice

Ruling licks multiple mailings

007 film puts ads up front

Tax relief causes grief

Treasury secretary 'seriously disturbed' by IRS violations

Business calendar

Healthtex releasing employees

Monsanto, Solutia Inc. faring well

On the move

Establish financial objectives

Wool-pulling industry fades

Research worker killed by virus from monkey

Shoppers can browse the 'net for holiday gifts

Each to his own taste

American on Mir plans to celebrate holidays in style

Microsoft case's `special master' seen as ideal

Shoppers can be savvy online, too

Boosting PC memory not necessarily expensive