Originally created 12/11/97

Opposes increasing Richmond taxes

Re "Kuhlke: Tax increase needed" (News article, Dec. 9):

From this article some readers might conclude that I am in favor of increasing taxes; nothing could be further from the truth.

My hope is that through diligent scrutiny of the budget we, as commissioners, can identify non-essential items that can be eliminated. I would hope we can concentrate on essential things government should provide to our citizens, and move away from areas for which government should not be responsible.

In my opinion, the worst-case scenario would be to create a facade of temporary cuts that will resurface next year. If this happens I will vote against the budget.

I encourage all concerned taxpayers to contact their representative commissioner to encourage them to accept the responsibility to identify permanent cuts before there are any further discussions of a tax increase.

William B. Kuhlke, Jr., Augusta

(Editor's note: The author is the District 10 Augusta Commissioner.)


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