Originally created 12/11/97

Blasts treatment of military retirees

Re Gail Beckett's Dec. 5 letter:

Ms. Beckett should direct her anger (about military health care) to the correct source. Our (federal) government is the one yanking it away, not Augusta.

I agree with Ms. Beckett on how the retirees are being treated. My husband is over 65 so he isn't eligible for Tri-Care. They have been providing home oxygen to him and others who need it. We received a letter last week telling him it was necessary to discontinue some of the services they have provided him in the past.

The home oxygen has been discontinued because of reductions in funding. I wonder how many started smoking when the government passed out cigarettes in C-Rations.

Our government spends millions to help other countries but have turned their back on the ones who helped fight for this country.

Ann Davis, Harlem

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