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Convicted man wants new trial

AIKEN -- A North Augusta man convicted with two teen-agers of killing a convenience store owner says he deserves a new trial based on evidence not heard by jurors at trial.

Chasako Glanton, 21, filed a petition for post-conviction relief in Aiken County Court of Common Pleas on Friday.

Mr. Glanton was convicted at trial on Jan. 11, 1996, and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of John Reiner Sr., former owner of Number One Market in Clearwater. He also received consecutive sentences of 25 years for armed robbery and five years for possession of a pistol while committing a violent crime.

He is serving his sentence at Allendale Correctional Institution.

According to his petition, Mr. Glanton claims that his attorney, Public Defender Regina Poteat, didn't check certain phone records that would have backed up Mr. Glanton's claims that the victim's son, John "Sparky" Reiner Jr., had phoned him several times on the day his father was killed.

At trial, Mr. Glanton, who was 19 when the murder happened, accused the younger Reiner of agreeing to stage the robbery in order to pay off a drug debt owed to Mr. Glanton. Mr. Reiner admitted on the witness stand that he once had a drug problem but denied conspiring to set up the robbery.

Mr. Reiner wasn't charged in connection with the incident.

Mr. Reiner Sr. was shot in the back by Mr. Glanton and later died at the hospital on June 6, 1994. David Avery, who was 14 when the robbery happened, also was found guilty at trial.

Mr. Avery, now 18, got identical sentences to Mr. Glanton, but he is serving them concurrently. He could be eligible for parole after 20 years.

A third teen-ager, Chavados Miles, 18, pleaded guilty to the same crimes in Juvenile Court.


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