Originally created 12/10/97

Wants cooperation on VA waiting list

Isn't it ironic that while Eisenhower Medical Center wants to get rid of unused hospital beds, there is a long six-months waiting list for U.S. veterans to enter Veteran Administration supported nursing homes in the Aiken-Augusta area"?

Couldn't the Army or Eisenhower management figure out how to be generous and allow these aged and sick men and women find peace and care in these supposedly surplus beds?

While inquiring about a very sick veteran friend of mine, I was informed by both University Hospital case management nurses and the director of the Aiken County Veterans Affairs office that getting into a VA long-term hospital is a very arduous task.

Should not our congressmen (now that they have a temporary reprieve from the Washington whirl) inquire how two government agencies could cooperate to fill this dire local need?

Peter Baumgarten, Aiken


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