Originally created 12/10/97

Rename our airport?

Does the Augusta Aviation Commission really believe that a new airport name is going to draw other major airlines into Augusta?

Aviation panel members Ed McIntyre and Lewis Newman (both former mayors) have been assigned to make recommendations to the full Commission on any name change for Bush Field.

As for McIntyre'e comment that Bush Field doesn't conjure up anything in his mind about an airport, the initials "JFK" don't conjure up anything to do with aviation until you add the words "International Airport" to it.

This city once decided that the services performed by the late flight instructor Donald C. Bush were worthy of naming our airport after him. Maybe we should be looking more toward "Bush Memorial Regional Airport" or just leaving well enough alone.

It'll be interesting to hear what proposals Messrs. McIntyre and Newman come up with. More importantly, we'd like to hear feedback from our readers.

When all is said and done, though, it makes far more sense for city fathers to think about how to better market the Augusta area and its assets so that more air travelers want to come here!


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