Originally created 11/30/97

Wants Aiken SPCA to alter policies

I went to the Aiken Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals to adopt a kitten and picked out a beautiful little white one Ä one of a litter of ten. The chart on the cage read "Can't keep all of the kittens," so I assumed some of them would be put to sleep. I filled out the necessary forms, and was told that they would call my veterinarian.

I have five cats at home, all spayed and neutered and current on their rabies shots. I have never had a sick animal. I was later called by the SPCA and told I was turned down for the adoption because my cats, at home, had not had the feline leukemia shots and several other shots they mentioned. South Carolina policy requires that your pets have a rabies shot, and additional shots are decided by the owner. (My veterinarian does not agree with SPCA policies, nor does any other vet I checked with).

I was so mad that I called an attorney, and he said the same thing had happened to a friend of his. Several veterinary offices said they hear complaints about that SPCA all the time.

The Aiken SPCA newsletter states it destroyed over 4,400 animals last year. To me, it is truly a crime that animals are being needlessly killed because of unreasonable, extremist adoption requirements.

I contacted SPCAs from other states by Internet. They said they understood why they would suggest a feline leukemia shot, but that under no circumstances should it prevent adoption to a good home. One SPCA in Florida wrote that it had adopted over 4,600 animals last year, and euthanized 32.

Can you imagine that the Aiken SPCA destroyed over 4,400 animals last year? Doesn't that tell you something is desperately wrong?

Anyone who has had problems with this SPCA, call or write your local news media or some animal rights organization. This has to be stopped. I tried to reason with the SPCA director and made a long distance call to one of the board members. They both self-righteously justified their policies. I am sure the general public will not agree with them. ...

Elaine van der Linden



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