Originally created 11/30/97

School seeks adults to mentor its pupils

Know how to sound out words? Understand how to add a row of figures? Any good at science projects? Have some extra time to use those skills?

Answer yes to any of those questions, and Tobacco Road Elementary School wants you to call. The school is one of several in Richmond County working with the Augusta United Way to find volunteers.

Tobacco Road mainly needs volunteers and mentors who can help with reading, math and science, working with children in grades 2-5. There is no minimum requirement for how much time a volunteer needs to spend at Tobacco Road, said Sharon Ray, a kindergarten teacher and the school's volunteer coordinator.

"Any time they give us, we appreciate," Ms. Ray said. Some of their volunteers come in twice a week for an hour, others three hours three times a week. "It's just how their schedules can let them do it," she said.

Teachers want volunteers who can help with phonics - the reading method that breaks down words into their base sounds - and listen as children read aloud. They also need mentors to help with math lessons, from simple addition to more complicated long division and multiplication tables. Tobacco Road also asks for volunteers in science, Ms. Ray said.

"Kind of the whole spectrum, from the scientific method on down to putting together a science project for the science fair," she said.

Mentors sometimes work with children before or after school, so Tobacco Road likes its volunteers to meet the pupils' parents. Ms. Ray leads the required, one-hour training session for volunteers at Tobacco Road.

Anyone interested in volunteering at Tobacco Road Elementary should contact Ms. Ray at 796-4658.


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