Originally created 11/30/97

Opposes removal of street people from mill project

I am outraged at what the police did to the homeless men who were sleeping under the pavilion (near the Enterprise Mill project).

Surely this confiscation of everything they had was illegal. Even robbers and murderers have their belongings returned when they are released from jail. These men were only seeking some kind of shelter. Even though they may be alcoholics, God loves them and wants us to help them any way we can.

Augusta Administrator Randy Oliver and Butch Giusto (of the Slavation Army) sound as if they're saying since they won't abide by the rules (or can't), we wish they would just disappear because they're so inconvenient for the city of Augusta.

Instead of spending all that money on fences (in the pavilion/mill area where street people congregate), use the money to help these men.

Phaedra English


(Editor's note: City crews removed the homeless from the city-owned pavilion; the Richmond County Sheriff's Department was not involved.)


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