Originally created 11/29/97

Thinks female deputy slighted

It was with much interest that I read last Sunday's article written by staff writer Tom Corwin. It was highly informative about the situations encountered with the birth of the Jackson quadruplets.

However, even though I consider myself to be reasonably perceptive, I can find no reason the gender of the deputy in Jenkins County was important to the story. Apparently one can assume a male deputy would not have perceived a car passing too closely to a standing vehicle as a hazard and would not have had a driver checked to insure that this person was not a hazard to others. Mr. Corwin seems to favor the thinking that females do not belong in the law enforcement business and practices, such as emphasizing the gender of the deputy in the article tend to perpetuate this negativity.

Law enforcement officers, regardless of their sex, already have too many constraints and burdens in their jobs without a publication and its writers weighing them down with identity problems because of their gender. Mr. Corwin needs to consider the impact of his writing a little more the next time he decides to write.

Randall Gay,Garfield, Ga.


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