Originally created 11/14/97

Hits medical care for military retirees

Medical care for military retirees over 65 years of age should be reinstated by the U.S. government and, simply put, this is why: Army regulation 40-3, sections 4-1 and 4-2, state that retired military servicemen will receive the same medical treatment as those on active duty, except when there is a shortage of doctors.

Retirees were therefore led to believe from "day one" in their careers that no savings for private medical care would be needed. Now we retirees are over 65 and have had the rug pulled out from under us for no legal reason whatsoever!

We served with honor during World War II and in Korea to save our country and preserve our freedoms. Our government had respect for the military in those days, and realized full well the price military personnel were paying by serving this nation. In turn, promises were made -- and rightly so -- for medical care guaranteed for life for servicemen.

But now our federal government has betrayed us. A new generation of government officials, many of whom have never served in the military or even worked a day in their lives, are being provided "free everything" plus $50,000 and more per year (for life) once they retire from political service.

Illegal aliens even get better health care than our own citizens over 65 who served in the military! And remember: Illegal aliens are not citizens of the United States, but retired U.S. military personal are -- and with a distinction even most regular Americans do not have. So why the ill treatment of us?

Too many military retirees have suffered from this illegal withholding of medical care guaranteed in writing for us when we retired.

Joseph White, Augusta


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