Originally created 11/14/97

Urges return to nuclear capability

There is considerable debate about whether this nation needs to construct additional nuclear weapons. There appears to be merit on both sides of the issues and it is healthy that public debate continues to provide maximum exposure to the facts. What I find interesting is, although this issue is important, I believe a key point is not getting as much attention.

The point is not only whether the nation needs to construct new nuclear weapons but whether the nation needs to have the capability to manufacture new nuclear weapons. The elected leaders of this nation have dismantled the capability to make them. In place of the previous production complex, we have paper studies and promises of future decisions ...

If the history of this century has taught us anything it is that we need to demonstrate to the world both the will and capability to protect our freedom. I hope we never have to build another nuclear weapon. However, I think it prudent to have real manufacturing capability in place to demonstrate that we stand ready to resume production if world events require it.

G. Arthur Krist, Aiken


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