Originally created 11/14/97

Sees problems in anti-religion response

I have seen a number of attacks on Timothy Fellows Jr. regarding his letter about NASA and the Mars mission. Here's a quote from the latest attack:

"If all the scientific `fools' hadn't earned their education from government schools where they were taught the theory of evolution, we would know nothing of our Earth's or our own history."

There are a number of problems with that letter.

First, is the writer willing to certify that all scientists went to government-run schools teaching evolution? Alas, for Newton, Copernicus, etc! Either they are not scientist or their discoveries are not.

Even Charles Darwin did not go to a "government-run school teaching the theory of evolution." Alas, for Gibbons, St. Luke, etc. Either they are not historians or their writings are not historical.

Second, the language the writer uses is of such vehemence that you suspect that he is declaring his religion. His religion is either so diffused that it does him or no one else any good, or else he is not religious at all. That's O.K. because he is responsible for his own beliefs. If he doesn't want to read religious views in the paper, he can just skim over them.

I am a Christian and have always supported space travel because I have seen ways that the power and glory of God is demonstrated by his works. ...

Gary Fuller, North Augusta


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