Originally created 11/13/97

Complains of 'shocking' show for kids

I have a complaint about the "step show" put on by the CSRA Classic and Foxie 103 radio station.

I paid $10 to see a show that included teams from some of the local elementary schools, not a "rap attack." It is my understanding that the schools were sent letters that outlined the rules of the show.

Those rules included no dancing or lewd body movement by the children. It was apparent that the teachers and/or coaches of some of these kids didn't care about the rules, as many of the kids did just what the rules said don't do. It was also apparent that the judges did not care about the rules, as they voted for the very schools that broke the rules. ...

This show should have been rated X and the parents paying $8 for their children to see it should have been warned of what they were about to see.

The first of the "rap" acts convinced me we were in the wrong place. The act was booed off the stage by the kids and the members responded by using some very explicit language toward the audience.

Next, there was another "rap" group that by its name alone should have been a warning to the organizers. This group brought a young lady out on stage and sat her down in a chair, then the group did everything but violate her on stage. As I looked around me, I saw parents and fourth, fifth, and sixth graders in total shock. Some took their kids and left while others didn't know what to do. ...

As I was leaving, I ran into Sen. Charles Walker, D-Augusta, and told him that I could not believe that his organization would allow this type of a performance. He stated that he had just come in from the dinner and was very concerned about my complaints. He said it was Foxie that brought in this "trash" and that he would talk to them about it. Calls of complaints to the Walker Group office in the days to follow were again answered with, "it was Foxie."

My response to the CSRA Classic organizers is, while it may have been Foxie that put on the show, Classic is still ultimately responsible for the content and both organizations should issue an apology to the children of those schools present and the citizens of Augusta.

Kent J. Spruill, Augusta

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