Originally created 11/13/97

Offers campaign finance reform plan

As the Democrats continue to play the campaign finance reform tune to deflect attention from the fact that the prime suspects eligible for trial under present laws have left the country or hide behind the Fifth Amendment, let's recognize any reform will change nothing as long as lawyers and politicians are involved.

I propose the only reasonable solution to continuous purchasing of politicians by the rich, influential, unions and collective organizations, based on a comment by my father, a small time political hack in Harrisburg, Pa., during the late 1930s. At an election celebration he said "Give me one of the most honest people you can find, and I will make them a money grabbing, power hungry, thief by getting them elected into public office."...

Any sane person knows no one can write campaign finance reform regulations that will change political activity to benefit the masses. Any reform will need subsequent measures many times over. The circus in Washington is a perfect example. We need the following campaign finance laws:

Fifty percent of all financial or in kind donations (hard and soft) to state and federal political parties or persons running for or in office will be donated by the participants to the U.S. Treasury, to be applied to the national debt.

Failure to comply would be a mandatory five years in prison.

The politician from each state and federal office who collects the most funds each year to reduce the national debt would receive a five percent pay raise ... All other office holders will be required to donate two percent of their pay if there is not a state and federal budget surplus at the end of the fiscal year.

All American lobbyists shall pay an annual $500,000 registration fee to the U.S. Treasury, to be applied to the national debt. All lobbyists representing foreign countries or companies shall pay an annual $5 million registration fee to the U.S. Treasury, to be applied to the national debt.

Any lobbyist engaging in lobby activities without registration or delinquent in registration fees would face a mandatory 10 years in prison.

All political office campaign funds would only be authorized to be utilized for campaign activities. Any funds remaining when the person leaves office would be delivered to the U.S. Treasury to be applied to the national debt. ...

Glenn L. Duncan, Aiken


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