Originally created 11/13/97

Chides schools for 'barring' volunteer

As a concerned parent of Columbia County schools, I would like to know when our county became so filled with parent volunteers that parent participation is frowned upon. Actually, I was informed (after I got news coverage from not one, but two local stations for Red Ribbon Week) that I couldn't participate in my daughter's 4th grade Halloween party. I think I have been labeled "too involved, too caring and compassionate" for trying to participate in our local youths' education.

I worked tirelessly for Westmont in the DARE program, the Red Ribbon Ceremony and helped all the teachers in the school five days a week. But then I was given the run-around and indirectly told not to come to my child's party.

I pay taxes, I vote, I am a leader in our community. So someone -- anyone -- tell me: Is it right to preach parent involvement, and then have road blocks ... to keep that from happening? Does any county in any state have the right to deny a parent, male or female, from participating in our education system? If so, and that's the case in Georgia, no wonder we rank so low in the United States.

Donna Boyd, Martinez


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