Originally created 11/08/97

Recites list of government's `excesses'

You've been busy: Two articles where Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga., lists abuses regarding the Teamster election. An editorial and a cartoon showing Teamster President Ron Carey in bed with President Clinton.

The $20 million spent for the election is an outrage. But the government is the "briber" and the Teamsters the "bribee." The government still considers Mr. Carey the "reform candidate." They do not want young Hoffa. Another government deal gone sour. In this scheme, the government, the AFL-CIO and the Democratic National Convention resemble the three monkeys. The $35 million for advertising was given by the AFL-CIO, Not the Teamsters. Why is Rep. Norwood only attacking the Teamsters? There are big business abuses. Is any man worth a salary of $50 million per year? If that isn't stealing, then I don't know what is! The "brilliant" Robert Allen, chief executive officer of Ma Bell, announced he was receiving a bonus of $20 million and laying off 40,000 employees. Neither event took place. The phones went off the hook!

If Rep. Norwood wants to lend a hand, he should:

Cancel the three percent plus COLA pay raise for Congress or increase the seniors COLA to match.

Stop the government from managing our medical care. It fails, as does most federal programs. It's full of fraud, as is Congress.

Stop the feds from further destroying our educational system. ...

Stop the feds from playing games with China. When one looks at the rest of the industrial world, we need China more than China needs us. The sleeping giant finally awakened! So they have bad civil rights? I drove the concentration camps in California where American born Japanese were imprisoned and lost their property. Only recently did we acknowledge it. We gave our black soldiers syphilis! We just acknowledged it. It doesn't sound as if we are treating our Desert Storm vets very well either. Rep. Norwood has much to work on.

Congress takes us for fools. The athletes make a fortune. The CEOs use us as pawns. The teachers need money. Also the police and the firemen.

Maybe Congress should work for nothing and steal what they want. They will win and so would we.

Herbert L. Grosberg, North Augusta


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