Originally created 11/08/97

Bashes sheriff's Crown Victoria choice

There is one reason I don't drive a luxurious Ford Crown Victoria, I can't afford one. I doubt there are many people in Richmond County who can afford a Crown Vic, since the unemployment rate in Augusta is a whopping 6.6 percent. So when the Richmond County Sheriff's Department complains of not having enough of these expensive luxo-boats, I ask: "Why can't they do the same job with a less expensive vehicle?" Here are two reasons not to have Crown Victoria's as police cars:

They are not great pursuit cars.

They have no off-road capability.

I worked for a sheriff's department in Alabama during Hurricane Opal. The storm's aftermath left washed-out bridges, downed trees and power lines. In those conditions a Crown Victoria was useless.

If you're going to spend $25,000 on a vehicle, why not buy something that could be useful in emergencies, like a 4WD Ford Explorer or Jeep Cherokee?

I think anyone who has a job in Richmond County should be grateful no matter what they are driving. If I could get a job in law enforcement, I would be happy driving a souped-up Dodge Neon.

Gregory A. Deese, Augusta


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