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`Cinderella' magical for ABC

NEW YORK - Disney's new version of Cinderella, starring Brandy, Whitney Houston and Whoopi Goldberg, was a ratings smash that led ABC to its first weekly win of the television season.

ABC estimated that 60 million people tuned in to at least some part of the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical Sunday night. For its first hour, the movie gave ABC its best ratings in the time slot in 13 years. Viewers included an estimated 70 percent of girls aged 2 to 11 who were watching television.

After Cinderella, many viewers stayed with ABC for its movie Oprah Winfrey Presents: Before Women Had Wings.

It was an opportune time for ABC to break NBC's five-week winning streak. The one-month "sweeps" period when ratings are closely watched to set local advertising rates began Thursday.

For the week, ABC had an 11.0 rating and 18 share, Nielsen Media Research said. Second-place NBC had a 9.8 rating and 16 share, CBS had a 9.4 rating and 15 share and Fox had a 7.4 rating and 12 share.

Among the emerging networks, UPN had a 3.4 rating and 5 share and the WB had a 2.8 rating and 4 share.

Nielsen ratingsPrime time ratings as compiled by Nielsen Media Research for Oct. 27-Nov 2. Top 10 listings include the week's ranking, with rating for the week and total homes. An "X" in parentheses denotes one-time-only presentation. A rating measures the percentage of the nation's estimated 97 million TV homes. Each ratings point represents 980,000 households.

1.ER, NBC, 20.6, 19.9 million homes

2.Seinfeld, NBC, 20.3, 19.7 million homes

3.ABC Sunday Night Movie: Before Women Had Wings, ABC, 18.7, 18.1 million homes

4.Wonderful World of Disney: Cinderella, ABC, 18.4, 17.8 million homes

5.Veronica's Closet, NBC, 17.5, 17.0 million homes

6.NFL Monday Night Football: Green Bay at New England, ABC, 16.8, 16.3 million homes

7.Friends, NBC, 16.3, 15.8 million homes

8.X-Files, Fox, 16.1, 15.6 million homes

9.Touched by an Angel, CBS, 14.7, 14.3 million homes

10.Frasier, NBC, 14.4, 14.0 million homes

11.NFL Monday Showcase, ABC, 13.4, 13.0 million homes

12.Union Square, NBC, 13.0, 12.6 million homes

13.CBS Sunday Movie: Murder, She Wrote: South by Sin, CBS, 12.8, 12.4 million homes

14.60 Minutes, CBS, 12.7, 12.3 million homes

15.Dateline NBC, (Tuesday) NBC, 12.5, 12.1 million homes

16 Home Improvement, ABC, 12.3, 12.0 million homes

17.Just Shoot Me, NBC, 12.2, 11.8 million homes

18.PrimeTime Live, ABC, 12.0, 11.6 million homes

19.Mad About You, NBC, 11.8, 11.4 million homes

20.King of the Hill Fox, 11.4, 11.1 million homes

21.Cosby, CBS, 11.3

22.NYPD Blue, ABC, 11.2

22.20/20, (Friday) ABC, 11.2

24.Fox NFL Post Game Show, Fox 11.0

25.Drew Carey Show, ABC, 10.9

26.Simpsons Fox, 10.5

27.Newsradio, NBC, 10.4

28.Promised Land, CBS, 10.3

28.3rd Rock From the Sun, NBC, 10.3

30.Dharma & Greg, ABC, 10.2

30.Diagnosis Murder, CBS,10.2

30.Everybody Loves Raymond, CBS, 10.2

30.JAG, CBS, 10.2

30.Law and Order, NBC, 10.2

35.Dateline NBC,(Monday) NBC, 9.9

36.Spin City, ABC, 9.6

36.Walker, Texas Ranger, CBS, 9.6

38.Cybill, CBS, 9.4

39.Chicago Hope, CBS, 9.2

39.Ellen, ABC, 9.2

41.20/20, (Thursday) ABC, 9.0

42.Dateline NBC,(Friday) NBC, 8.9

43.(X)Dateline NBC,(Wednesday) NBC, 8.8

44.NBC Sunday Night Movie: House of Frankenstein, Part 1, NBC, 8.7

45.Soul Man, ABC, 8.6

46.(X)Frasier, NBC, 8.4

46.George and Leo, CBS, 8.4

46.Hiller and Diller, ABC, 8.4

46.Public Eye-Bryant Gumbel, CBS, 8.4

46.Working, NBC, 8.4

51.Early Edition, CBS, 8.3

52.Michael Hayes, CBS, 8.2

53.Murphy Brown, CBS, 8.1

53.Nanny, CBS, 8.1

53.Nash Bridges, CBS, 8.1

53.World's Funniest! Fox, 8.1

57.Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, CBS, 8.0

57.Party of Five Fox, 8.0

57.(X)Suddenly Susan, (Monday) NBC, 8.0

60.Sabrina-Teenage Witch, ABC, 7.9

61.Beverly Hills, 90210 Fox, 7.8

62.Caroline in the City, NBC, 7.7

63.Over the Top, ABC, 7.5

63.Pretender, NBC, 7.5

65.Melrose Place, Fox, 7.4

66.(X)Where Are They Now? 3, CBS, 7.3

67.Fired Up, NBC, 7.2

68.Boy Meets World, ABC, 6.8

68.Cops 2: Fort Myers, Fox, 6.8

68.Profiler, NBC, 6.8

71.Teen Angel, ABC, 6.7

72.(X)ABC Movie Special: Village of the Damned, ABC, 6.5

72.(X)Anastasia: U.S. Figure Skating, ABC, 6.5

74.AMW: America Fights Back, Fox, 6.4

74.Dellaventura, CBS, 6.4

74.Homicide: Life on the Street NBC, 6.4

74.You Wish, ABC, 6.4

78.(X)Charlie Brown: Great Pumpkin, CBS, 6.3

78.Dateline NBC, (Sunday) 6.3

80.Cops, (Las Vegas) Fox, 6.2

81.Ally McBeal, Fox, 6.0

82.Sleepwalkers, NBC, 5.9

83.Family Matters, CBS, 5.8

84.Millennium Fox, 5.7

85.Fox Tuesday Night Movie: Wolf, Fox, 5.6

86.Players, NBC, 5.5

86.Step By Step, CBS, 5.5

88.(X)Video Justice: Crime Caught On Tape, Fox, 5.2

89.Jenny, NBC, 5.1

89.Men Behaving Badly, NBC, 5.1

89.Visitor, Fox, 5.1

92.The Gregory Hines Show, CBS, 5.0

93.Living Single Fox, 4.9

94.(X)ABC News Special: Tremors on Wall Street, ABC, 4.8

94.Dateline NBC, (Sunday) NBC, 4.8

96.Between Brothers Fox, 4.6

96.Star Trek-Voyager, UPN, 4.6

98.Moesha, UPN, 3.8

99.Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, WB, 3.7

99.Sister, Sister, WB, 3.7

99.Smart Guy, WB, 3.7

99.The Wayans Bros., WB, 3.7

103.The Sentinel, UPN, 3.6

103.7th Heaven, WB, 3.6

105.Malcolm & Eddie, UPN, 3.4

105.Steve Harvey Show, WB, 3.4

107.Sparks, UPN, 3.2

108.Clueless, UPN, 3.1

108.Good News, UPN, 3.1

110.In the House, UPN, 2.9

111.Hitz, UPN, 2.7

112.Unhappily Ever After, WB, 2.3

113.Head Over Heels UPN, 2.1

114.Alright Already, WB, 1.8

115.The Jamie Foxx Show, WB, 1.6

115.The Parent 'Hood, WB, 1.6

117.Nick Freno: License to Teach WB, 1.5

118.The Tom Show, WB, 1.3


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