Originally created 11/07/97

Wants global warming policy for future

Global warming is probably the most serious environmental threat facing the world today. Headline after headline chronicles the dangers it poses to our environment, our economy, our health and, most of all, our children's future.

President Clinton has a chance to do something about it this December in Japan when 165 nations come together to negotiate a treaty to curb global warming.

Mr. Clinton's advisers are urging him to delay action, arguing that polluting industries shouldn't be burdened by the treaty. Rather than make the switch to clean, renewable sources of energy, they want to keep us stuck on the path of fossil fuel addiction. But what about the burden our kids will bear if we do nothing?

The president often seems to worry about his legacy. He should keep that in mind as he deliberates over what to do about global warming. Mr. Clinton could be known either as the visionary president who acted to protect future generations, or the man who looked global warming squarely in the eye and blinked. Let's hope he puts the interests of our children first.

Howard M. Rosen, Augusta


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