Touts Grovetown candidates' leadership

Favors candidate Green for District 1

Respects District 3 candidate Williams

Likes Sharpe in S.C. House race

Sees racists in Aiken County GOP

Improve court security

Calls editorial `sensational' accusations

District 7: Jerry Brigham

District 1: Brian Green

Finds Shepard refreshing, dedicated

Likes Brigham's independence

Sees 'smoke and mirrors' in S.C. race

Opposes Grovetown mayor's `picks'

Prefers commissioner in District 7 race

Claims audit report shows S.C. DOT is doing good job

Defining Clinton moment

Likes refreshing, dedicated candidate

Supports Shepard's ideas on trains

Values candidate's independence

Says choice is clear in District 3 race

District 5: Henry Brigham

Augusta Commission endorsements

District 3: L.A. Williams

Likes Bryant in S.C. District 86 race

Those area S.C. House races

Praises District 3 candidate's sensitivity

Test rally

Tuesday to settle elections

Documents contradict legal bills

Milage records, trips differ

Man convicted of molesting child to serve 15 years

Five running to fill Grovetown vacancy

Rezoning, construction under way in Whiskey Road area

Few may turn out for vote

Paine College celebrates Harlem Renaissance

Local and area briefs

Freaky Friday

Revenge beats trantrums

Italians to visit Aiken

Kids get ride at fall festival

Computerized system to tighten controls on video poker

More jail time added to sentences

Fair delights goers of all ages

Jack-o'-lanterns have uses after Halloween

Terrier owners win big

Reach out and touch a congressman

Additional area news

Four SRS contractors face discrimination suit

Aiken strategic plan envisions tourism and history in harmony

Meet the candidates

Scary science

Augusta polling sites

Gym classes pump up fitness

Complaint filed against Oxendine

Love could spoil Tiger's day

Basketball classic's festivities scheduled to begin Saturday

Davis replaces Cambern as Ford motorsports boss

Overtime: College basketball jump-started with exhibition games

Trio calm despite points race

Reebok cuts ties with John Daly

Hot Hamilton follows Rockingham win with Phoenix pole

Germany's Szewczenko leads after short program at Nations Cup

Wilkins yearns for Atlanta

U.S. tries for win in World Cup bid

New ref evokes tinges of respect in players

Cranford decides on Georgia Tech

NBHA event still growing

Obscure rule helps Craven

Tyson released from hospital

Silva, Loroupe favored again in marathon

Augusta Prep one win from backing up ranking

Mesa State forfeits volleyball season after suspension of 11 players

Schuerholz's expansion list `a work in progress'

Reporter: Shaq slaps Jazz center hours before opener

Hawks welcome Daly with defeat

Church bulletin

Historic old church needs help to survive

Imus spares no one but Miller during mansion broadcast

New laureate to collect poetry readings by Clinton, 99 others

Georgia Power to release water in Tallulah Gorge this weekend

Norville's book talks about overcoming adversity

Lansbury returns to Sunday sleuthing in movie


Facing trials with faith


Event says `thanks' to those who help, protect others

Cheap tickets from coupon brokers risky

Witnesses recall statue's manifestations

Ask Carson

We need to celebrate the joyful occasions

Not so neighborly

Great Falls' grandeur is no more, but importance remains

In good taste

Dow ends week with gain

Diversified portfolio key to retirement

Entrepreneurs snapping up trademarks for millennium

Teens battle big business

On the move

Pioneer trades PC for M.D.

Paying more at the pay phones

Business briefs

Accounting firms deny merger talks

Business calendar

Additional business news

Panel: Don't take saccharin off list of carcinogens

Business leaders say tech prep needs work

Detective Internet surfing leads to child porn arrest

Taming the e-mail animal

Conservancy borrows $2.8 million to meet Cumberland Island deadline

`Zero Zero' is good, but it's no `Chop Suey'

Dell reboots image, product

Battles between programmers, marketers can hurt consumers

Recovering lost disc drive space

Security checks at U.S. nuclear labs sparse