Cites book on the dangers of anger

Health Central milestone

Lauds launching of Cassini probe

Surveys history for Christianity's impact

Recounts development of blood banks

Gore's pandering

IRS: Shift the burden

Supports Fire Chief Few's leadership

Praises Commission candidate Boyle

Supports Bryant for S.C. House

Break code of silence

'Devil's Advocate' offers visual impact, little plot

Mediocrity has a new name: Tech prep

Police look for armed robber

Authorities offer reward for robbery suspect

Students suspended after violence threat

Senator fights for cruise ships

Ban on charges may end

Former governor from Augusta won't run again

Bizarre shooting leaves motorist shot 20 times

Spaghetti dinner held

Benefit showing set in Savannah

Sheriff opposes 'hot-seating'

Bell South rates approved Tuesday

Lawyer warns researchers

Georgia Lottery results

Conference targets violence

Regulators agree cleanup too slow

Additional area news

Additional area news

Carpenter facing charges

Two state prisons guards suspended after third escape

Minister: Put God at center

Coca-Cola boss remembered in packed services

Council passes new road policy over objections

'Tis almost the season

Strange murder plot revealed

PSC votes to restrict powers of chairman

Commissions support removing indigent defense chairman

Govenor wants S.C. DMV fixed

Post cards coming in

High-profile youth crimes bring confusion

Kicking into history

Clemson, USC-Aiken win golf titles

Overtime: Jaguars are second in Duke Golf Classic

Big bats rally Marlins

Ex-Braves thrive in Cleveland

Neagle has surgery

Marlins take note of coming chill

Kitchings decides on USC

Little to sign with Cincinnati

College notes: Clemson students may find it difficult to get tickets

Big bats rally Marlins

Column: Sandy Alomar nearly bionic, still playmaker

Richardson recalls golden days

Cod's filets often needlessly misunderstood

Senior Calendar

Can this marriage be saved:

Her need unmet, diabetic opened her own store

Vitamins beneficial when taken properly

Freaky kind of fun

Back to school

Child would have to be evaluated

Woodcarver creates inspirational art

Xtreme calendar

Grieco has real-life intensity

On the big screen

Band highly unusual

Teen-age bride

Beware of work relationships

Hundreds apply for 12 jobs

Merry Land profits increase

IBM reports higher profits for July-September quarter

Downsizing on the decline

Business briefs

Bankruptcy panel's report gets mixed response

Georgia bank offers stock

Merry Land plans future

Bubba not always a hit

Additional business news

Rural counties near metro areas record Georgia's best economic growth

ITT accepts Starwood offer

Legislators: Money may be forthcoming

Breakthrough seen for high-mileage, low-pollution electric cars

Woman ordered to surrender computer to man she says raped her

Hubble captures most detailed photos ever of galaxies colliding

Having a heart attack? Take an aspirin

Lesser-known browsers

U.S. fires laser at satellite

No happy ending for Brazilian couple's cyber-romance

Mir crew connects new cables in hopes of increasing power supply

Mir crew rests after tough `internal spacewalk'

U.S. said vulnerable to computer attack

Students lacking science knowledge

Justice Dept. accuses Microsoft

Microsoft's battle about more than just Internet