Originally created 10/01/97

Says Satan could have coached writer

Re Michelle Schweitzer's Sept. 13, letter:

It amazes me how Satan can use people through their ignorance and lack of spiritual wisdom and knowledge of this world. Ms. Schweitzer's comments sound as if Satan himself coached her in writing her letter.

Scripture teaches to love the person and hate the sin and we do, but for the Body of Christ we are supposed to speak out against sin, especially sin that people have made into a lifestyle and homosexuality is a lifestyle (fact). We as Christians are supposed to follow in our Lord's footsteps and call what is sin, "sin," and tear the mask off it. We as Christ's servants and ambassadors are not supposed to be going around with our head stuck in the sand and ignoring sin, whether it be on television, radio, in theme parks or anywhere else.

Please keep in mind what John the Baptist did in Matthew 14:1-11. He involved himself in someone else's sin and cried out and revealed it. By doing so, it cost him his head. So a boycott on Disney is the very least Christians can do for Christ, and if Ms. Schweitzer or anyone else thinks that boycotts don't work, don't believe me, go ask Rev. Jesse Jackson (i.e. the Texaco boycott).

As far as William Harrell's information in his recent guest column, you can take that to the bank, they are facts. That's why Disney is not disputing them. Disney is the one that promulgated that information. Also, don't forget it was Michael Eisner who said that 40 percent of Disney employees are homosexual.

People, it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. Disney has a controlling and manipulating hand on everything and anything that goes on at Disney World land and in the corporations. Believe me, Disney had a say so on "Gay Week."

Tell me, Ms. Schweitzer, how after God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the sins that were committed there, does the Body of Christ remain silent on homosexuality and like sins? If you would like to know how God thinks about homosexuality, please feel free to read Genesis 19: 1-29 and Romans 1:18-32.

John Rozelle, Evans


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