Originally created 10/01/97

Let the liar run

Clearwater Democrat Tom Anderson, running in November's court-ordered special election for South Carolina's House District 84 seat, has been exposed as a liar.

He told this newspaper he was called away to National Guard duty in the last weeks of the 1996 election, his first race against incumbent state Rep. Roland Smith, R-Langley. (Anderson lost by a decisive margin.)

It turns out, however, the state Guard has no record of Anderson ever serving -- either then or any other time.

State GOP director Trey Walker, saying Anderson has dishonored himself and the National Guard, demands that the Democrat withdraw from the race. Walker's right about the dishonor, but what about the withdrawal?

If Anderson is the best Democrats can come up with, they still have every right to run him. There's nothing in the election rules that says a political party can't nominate for public office a candidate who, in effect, lies on his resume.

We are confident that an informed electorate won't vote into office a proven prevaricator. After all, he doesn't even have the long robes of one of Al Gore's Buddhist monks to hide behind!


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