Originally created 10/01/97

Blasts military for benefit cutbacks

As a military retiree, I am disappointed and dismayed by the monstrous fraud perpetrated against myself and my fellow retirees. I am referring to the breach of contract committed by the powers governing our receipt of benefits promised as inducements to make military service our career.

In return for 20 years or more of our lives, we were promised, among other things, post exchange privileges and lifetime medical care for ourselves and our wives. This included the expectation of unquestioned allegiance and obedience of orders to protect our nation's Constitution against all enemies ...

Meanwhile, our compensation was reduced by an imputed amount in order for us to receive the promised benefits considered to be "deferred compensation."

Now they are saying "We didn't really mean it!" And are blackmailing us into paying tribute via Tricare for the most important benefit of all, medical care.

Our country's leaders, both civilian and military, are demonstrating the present values of our so-called "commander in-chief." These values include cowardice, ethical and moral bankruptcy, and venal self interest.

Lonnie E. Best, Martinez

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