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They're Xtreme

Drum roll please ... We're proud to announce the members of the 1997-'98 Xtreme Teen Board!

These teens will meet monthly after scouring their school and questioning friends in search of stories for Xtreme. If you see them and you want to be in the paper - give them a holler.

Here's a little bit about them. Maybe some of them will write columns, music or book reviews. They'll be going to concerts and new teen clubs, describing what it's like to hang out at those places and what they think of them. They're your representatives in a mini United Nations, making sure Xtreme is attuned with Augusta and Aiken teens.

We were bummed that we couldn't take everyone who wanted to be on the Teen Board, but we would like to talk with you. If you think you know an interesting teen or have a great story idea, call Xtreme reporter Wendy Grossman at 832-3217. This section's for teens and should reflect all of you - not just the kids who win spelling bees.

In alphabetical order

Natashia Nicole Evans

Harlem Middle School

Eighth Grade

This bold, brassy babe is first chair trumpet in her middle school band - her horn turned two years old today.

Last summer she got to meet Wycliffe Gordon. In a few more summers she hopes to be able to play like him. She also sings in her church choir.

Jamey Frails

Harlem High School


Jamey is very good at applications. She made a whole book about herself on pretty pink paper with photos and markers.

She's also a good writer. Someday she wants to work for Ebony.

She's won a bunch of essay contests and lettered in varsity track and softball two years and one year was a varsity cheerleader. She also has been a Red Cross volunteer.

Shannon Friedman

Westside High School


Shopping. Writing. Football games. Shopping.

Those are a few of her favorite things.

She's ridden her bike down the Augusta Canal. She likes to write and she's a member of Young Life and the student council.

Nicole Hayes

North Augusta High School


Sick of the blonde jokes, Nicole dyed her hair an inky black six months ago.

Her mom wasn't thrilled.

"She freaked," Nicole says. "Black is so demented, she said."

"I'm a demented person, I guess. I'm not normal, I'm crazy," Nicole says. "Everyone else is so calm and I'm always jumping up and down, running around screaming."

Or skateboarding.

"It's a rush," she says.

Chris Haynes

Westside High School


You want to super-size it? Chris doesn't. He got sick of saying that so he scored a new job at Blockbuster that he likes much better.

When he's not there he's working out at Powerhouse Gym, in-line skating, swimming, playing tennis or running track. He's in Students Against Drunk Driving and Future Business Leaders of America. He's taken three years of social dance - but he's more hip to hit the clubs.

Jennifer Jones

Aquinas High School


She's written four books: three horror stories and a World War II romance.

"It's a love story about a German soldier who falls in love with a Jewish woman,"she says.

On the weekends she works at Office Max - but she'd rather be curled up on the couch watching hours of HBO, eating raspberry sorbet and chocolate pudding.

She was one of the first teen poets we printed.

Katherine Mohney

Westminster High School


This varsity cheerleader's a big must-see TV fan.

"I'm addicted to Friends, Seinfeld and Caroline in the City," she says. Especially Caroline - since she's a redhead, too.

Katherine does gymnastics, tumbling, and is in her church's hand-bell choir.

She also loves the Star Wars series and Newsweek.

Ben Nelson

Evans High School


Ben doesn't sleep much. He doesn't have the time.

He closes at McDonald's just about every night, working roughly 35 hours a week. He grills burgers, works the counter and maintains the lobby.

He's also an editorial writer for the school newspaper, a Mario Puzo fan and spins rifles in the drill team.

Jennifer Nelson

Richmond Academy


She has 18 notebooks overflowing with poetry and a novel in the works.

"I can't imagine not writing," she says. "I write every day."

She acts, too. Right now she's in a play called The Addict, about how drugs are bad and what can happen when you do them. (Everyone in the play dies, she says).

Becky Phillips

Westside High School


There's 10 slices in a large pizza. Becky knows this pretty well because she's one of the kids who cuts Domino's dough.

She's slicing the pies to save up for a Jeep Cherokee.

When she's not working there, she's working for a pharmacist or practicing her violin - she's played for eight years.

She's in the Beta Club, Students Against Drunk Driving and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Jason Ricketts

Greenbrier High School


He's not a hacker. People think he's a hacker. But he's not.

"I tell people I like to do the Internet and they automatically label me a hacker," he says. "There's more than that."

He chats with friends in Indiana and Atlanta, sends e-mail, and spends a couple hours a day working on his Web site. Check it out at members.aol.com/matrael1.

R.J. Stewart

Midland Valley High School


He cracks his 8-foot-long Australian bullwhip nearly every day.

Call him Indiana Jones, he says. He likes the sound and the feel of the leather in his hands.

He wears an abalone pinky ring he got last summer in New Zealand. It used to be shaped like a kiwi, but the feet and head came off. Around his neck is a crystal prism - he's got 10 other necklaces at home.

"It's a form of jewelry I can wear without much hassle," he says. "I can't wear earrings - my parents won't let me."

He's on the ROTC rifle team and for the last two years he was the school newspaper's graphic designer.

He really likes color. He likes the way flowers sit on a hill, or the way the blue bends into the crease of Batman's sleave.

Thomas Michael Swan

Davidson Fine Arts School


This week his nails are painted black. Like Dracula.

One of his favorite hobbies is playing Vampire or Dungeons and Dragons all night.

"People say it's satanic and I'm going to hell," he says. "It's not like that. It helps me get away from the stress of the real world."

He plays guitar and piano, and draws. He's ridden his bike across Georgia and he directed a recycling commercial starring Chip and Dale for Disney. He's also had 17 operations since he was born with a cleft palate.

"Two more and I'll be normal," he says. "I hope."

Anthony Tatum

Columbia Middle School

Eighth Grade

Anthony really likes guns. He's got two shotguns and a rifle - he wants a new one for Christmas.

"I'm not a cult member or one of those people obsessed with guns - I just like 'em," he says. A lot.

And he likes staring out the window - because he'd much rather be outdoors than inside, he says.

Beth Wylds

Hephzibah High School


In 10 years Beth sees herself scraping plaque off people's teeth, asking them to rinse and handing them a new toothbrush. She wants to be a dental hygienist. It sounds fun, she says.

Maybe as much fun as singing with the high school chorus, playing softball or listening to Alanis Morisette.

"Alanis is all for women's rights - women aren't to be put down," Beth says. "She's real opinionated, and so am I."


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