Originally created 09/30/97

Bookmarks to remark on

The problem: You have Web access at home and work, and want to keep the same set of bookmarks on both computers (for those times when you need to research Baywatch sites for your employer). You could shuffle the same bookmarks file between both computers on a floppy disk every day, or you could try to remember to add the same sites to each set of bookmarks every day. Or you could try itList (http://www.itlist.com), a new Web-based bookmarks repository.

After you set up an account for yourself (a five-second process), you can add new links to your itList bookmarks file by e-mailing them to the itList site or, if you have Netscape 3.0 or better, by using the "itList Puppy Dog," a small window, floating over your main browser window, into which you paste a Web address and click the "Submit your URL" button to bookmark it. (Microsoft Internet Explorer, however, doesn't work with that feature, nor does it include the "mail this document" command otherwise needed by itList.)

ItList then automatically generates a bookmarks list and makes it available to you as a Web page you can view on any Internet-connected computer. Elsewhere on the itList site, you'll find privacy options to keep other people from adding to your bookmarks file (good idea), as well as tools to clean up and organize those bookmarks.


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