Originally created 09/30/97

Doubts universe `snapped own fingers'

Re the Sept. 25 letter by J. Brantley "Disbelieves God that allows despair":

She questions "how people could actually believe there is a God that just snapped His fingers and created this universe." I find it more difficult to believe that this universe just "snapped its fingers" (the big bang theory) and created itself. That she can question the creation of the universe is evidence enough that God exists, for God provided her with the ability to reason and ask questions. Mankind did not receive this ability by mere happenstance.

That God allows, in her words, "such destruction, hate and torment to go on" is also evidence of His very existence. God is long-suffering. Mankind brings most of this despair down on himself. In many cases God allows suffering and misfortune just so we will at least question Him. How many of us would even turn to God if our lives were filled with nothing but happiness? ...

One day we shall all stand before God, and because we are sinners, our final standing will be based on what we have believed in our hearts concerning Christ as our redeemer. ...

P.K. Fitzgerald, Harlem

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